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Eye Care Services to Help Soothe Computer Vision

A society that spends much of its time looking at computer screens and mobile devices is one that suffers the effects of computer vision. Computer vision is a more recent development that causes many people to have poor eyesight while driving and doing other normal daily activities. Optometry professionals recently recognized computer vision as a new threat to your vision. Our experienced optometrist at InSight EyeCare in Cibolo & San Antonio is among the area’s first to provide proper diagnosis and effective treatment for computer vision and its related eyesight problems.


Common Computer Vision Causes

A computer screen or a mobile digital device does not simply show a static image. It flashes whatever is shown on the screen countless times every second. That flashing mostly goes unnoticed by your subconscious mind. Your eyes, however, notice greatly over a period of time. Add in screen glare, potentially bad lighting, poor posture, and viewing the screen at an improper angle or brightness, and it takes a massive toll over time. Most people also do not blink as often while looking at their computer screen or mobile device that compounds the problem by reducing the natural moisture that your eyes normally get from blinking.

Signs You Suffer Computer Vision Problems

Computer vision can create many problems for your eyesight. The most common is blurred vision and dry eye as you become more tired from staring at the computer screen while working or doing other activities. You will likely notice itchy, reddish eyes that are fatigued and uncomfortable. You might find yourself blinking more toward the end of the day as your eyes begin to feel dried out, itchy, scratchy, and bloodshot from computer vision. Short of stopping the use of a computer for more than an hour or so per day, you need to find real solutions for your computer vision problems. Your local optometry specialists can help with soothing eye drops, prescription eyeglasses that reduce the effects of screen glare and helping you learn to better care for your eyes throughout your workday.

Get Computer Vision Relief Today

Don’t let the rigors of computer vision degrade your eyesight. Give our friendly optometry professionals a call at InSight EyeCare in Cibolo & San Antonio. The Texas plains are hard enough on your eyesight. It only gets worse when you spend many hours a day staring at a computer. A quick consultation and an exam in our office can help turn your computer vision around. We can get you in as soon as today for a full examination and provide effective and affordable eye care services.

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