Conditions Treated by InSight EyeCare

It is important for everyone to take steps to take care of their eyesight. Just as people pay visits to their medical doctor and dentist on a regular basis, it is also important to visit the eye doctor just as regularly. Preventative eye care services are meant to help someone preserve their vision by identifying potential issues before they start to cause problems. The team from InSight EyeCare is here to help people do exactly that. We are here to serve the citizens of the Cibolo & San Antonio area with high-quality optometry services. With our experience and expertise to back us up, there are a variety of conditions that we can treat.

Conditions Treated by InSight EyeCare

At InSight EyeCare, we have the capability to treat a variety of visual conditions. Some of the most common eye problems we treat include:

  • Nearsightedness and Farsightedness: These are among the most common problems we treat. This condition arises when the lenses of the eyes are not focusing light properly as it enters the visual field. Using corrective lenses, which come in the form of glasses and contacts, we can help restore clarity to someone's vision. Rely on our team to find the lenses that are right for you.
  • Foreign Object in the Eye: This is another common reason why someone seeks the care of an eye professional. A foreign object in the eye can be incredibly painful and frustrating, making it hard for someone to see and can be harmful to the eye. We can both remove the object and inspect the rest of the eye, looking for damage.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma develops when pressure behind the eye starts to change. As pressure behind the eye changes, this can lead to damage to the optic nerves, which travel behind the eyes and transport the information that your eyes are picking up to the visual cortex in the brain. If these nerves are damaged, this can lead to serious consequences for someone's vision. It is important to rely on an eye doctor who can both identify and treat glaucoma quickly. That is where the reliable providers from InSight EyeCare are an invaluable service.

Rely on the Team from InSight EyeCare

These are only a few of the many conditions our trained optometry team can treat. At InSight EyeCare, we are here to take care of the citizens of the Cibolo & San Antonio areas. Our trained eye doctors will take the team to get to know all of our patients individually. Then, we will identify your needs and help you meet them. Our dedication to our patients is unrivaled. To learn more about how we can help you and your family, please call us today to make an appointment. We would be honored to help you.

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