Contact Lens Exams

When someone is looking for glasses and contacts, they need to have their eyes checked to make sure that the prescription is correct. This process will require two separate eye examinations. it is important for everyone to know the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a contact lens exam. The dedicated team at InSight EyeCare is here to help everyone in the Cibolo & San Antonio find the right contacts for their needs. 


A Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is important for everyone to get at least once per year. This is similar to the annual physical that people get at the doctor's office; however, this focuses on the eyes. The eye doctor is going to look for any signs of problems with the nerves, blood vessels, and retina of the eyes. In addition, the doctor is going to check the pressure behind the eyes to look for signs of glaucoma. The doctor is also going to check the visual acuity of each eye individually to make sure that they are functioning as they should. If any changes in the prescription of the glasses or contacts need to be made, this will be detected during this exam as well.

A Contact Lens Exam is Different

Those who wear (or want to wear) contacts are going to need a slightly different exam. The doctor is going to do a few special tests to make sure that everyone has the right contacts for their needs. First, the doctor is going to measure the surface of the eye to determine what size and what type of contacts are right for the eyes. The doctor might also do a tear film evaluation which is important for the comfort of the contacts themselves.

The goal of this exam is to provide everyone with contacts that are going to fit right in the eyes. These contact lenses are going to sit directly on the eyes themselves, so they need to fit perfectly. If the contacts do not fit perfectly, this can lead to serious damage to the eyes, leading to health problems. Make sure that this exam is done before investing in contact lenses.

Trust the Team at InSight EyeCare for Comprehensive Eye Health

Everyone needs to make sure that they get a contact lens exam done prior to investing in contacts. The dedicated team at InSight EyeCare is here to help everyone in the Cibolo & San Antonio areas find the right contacts for them. Please call us today to make an appointment with a member of our team. Our Cibolo office can be reached at 210-659-3937 and our San Antonio office can be called at 210-236-7273.

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