Eye & Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams


You only have one set of eyes, so taking care of your vision for life is vital to being able to see the world clearly. Regular visits to our Cibolo & San Antonio optometrist at InSight EyeCare will benefit your vision in multiple ways. Whether you have a specific concern or it's been too long since your last vision test and screening, come see us to take the right steps toward caring for your eye health.

Why Do I Need an Exam from an Optometrist?

The eye doctor can determine if you need corrective lenses or spot the early warning signs of eye problems while they can still be treated. As you age, your vision will change. You may find your eyesight is not as sharp at night, while reading, or you may need something to make your computer screen clearer. Vision exams do not hurt, take minutes and can help identify if your eyesight needs support or if your eyes need medical attention.

What Is the Difference Between Vision and Eye Exams?

While they have similar names, these tests look for different things. A vision exam typically evaluates how well you can see at various distances. The most familiar version of this test is a patient looking at an eye chart. Additional tests look at how well your eyes focus, see colors, respond to light, and move.

Eye exams look for developing problems in your eyes such as glaucoma or cataracts. An optometrist may use tonometry to evaluate the pressure in your eye. Glaucoma increases the pressure in the eye, so this test offers optometrists a good means of seeing if you have this problem. Before the test, you will be given eye drops to dilate your pupils, which allows a doctor to use a bright light to look into your eye.

How Often Do I Need Comprehensive Eye Tests?

An annual eye exam is always recommended in order to keep track of your eye health. Plan to visit your eye doctor more frequently if you have an eye condition that requires regular monitoring. Even if you are not due for a vision exam, come in if you notice any changes in your eyesight, especially if they happen suddenly. You may need immediate evaluation to find and fix the problem.

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Make your appointment with our optometrist at InSight Eye Care in Cibolo and San Antonio. Let us help you keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. To schedule a visit, contact us online or call us. Our San Antonio office number is (210) 236-7273, or you can phone our Cibolo eye clinic at (210) 659-3937. We can't wait to hear from you!




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